My Cup of Tea…let’s talk handbag fashion

My Cup of Tea...let's talk handbag fashion

If I am right, everyone has a favorite cup or maybe even several as I do. This is a fashion related cup so perhaps appropriate to keep to fashion related trends and since I love handbags, I will name some of the brands I like.

MARC & JACOBS: I have a brown, leather Marc & Jacobs handbag.. Which I like a real lot and have never found one even close to it. Not all of their bags catch my eye, usually, just the odd one or two do- in my eyes, the rare, best ones! Their later brands I find have changed over the years so that is unfortunate as I love the more soft leather ones the use to make.

LV: I love the colors, shapes and textures of LV handbags, I have several of this brand bought for me as gifts from my sons-these are the cream ones or the brown ones for which LV is most famous.

Prada: Usually, they make ones in black and having a supply of black handbags are always handy with black being the most casual colour of all. The other thing is that there bags can sit on a surface without falling over and it is easy to access the items within the bags. They also have soft black, material like totes, these I like a lot for one main reason, light to carry and easy on the shoulder because of their thin cord-like straps, thus, I have two. I must admit I am very comfortable with these bags.

Fendi & Nine West: I put these together as I like them both for the same reasons. There have handbags in fabric like material and again for me comfortable to carry and always look good, having said that I find I love my Nine West ones more! I bought a red checkered hobo one with a gorgeous matching purse – the matching purse with small features are fabulous-I also have a three pocket, brown checked one too, very casual but classic but most of all comfortable to carry- again matching purse with mirror in it . I love the flexibility of the purse and the bags owing to the material they use. I have been to Nine West several times recently, but unfortunately haven’t yet found any like them!

Guess: I have a beautiful black and white cash purse my daughter bought me. I loved it as soon as I saw it, it is made from a flexible material, and easy to insert notes inside.

Handbags do make a fashion statement so I try to see which styles and colors are in fashion if I have colors other than the neutral ones.

Well, just finished my tea break so now thinking to look up Nine West online to see if I can find anything similar to the bags I like to buy from them, so that’s it from until I have another relaxing me time tea break!


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