The cup above is a gift from my son  while he was on a more recent visit ( passing through ) to Holland.

My family and I have passed through Amsterdam, Holland several times while on the way to the USA-this was years back, of course .  We have often stayed a day or two during flight transitions. We traveled on KLM which is the best airline out of the many popular ones we have traveled.

On these flights, we always got to see one lady stewardess who was from Holland and loved talking about her home in the country and telling us how we should try to experience the beautiful and stunning country side of Holland- we have yet to experience that though, will we ever? I don’t really know.

We did get to see parts of Amsterdam and see all those little bridges and canals. We even went on the canal rides several times and it is truly a very nice and relaxing experience. If you ever go there, you should put the canal trip on your ‘must do’ list.

As we walked towards the canal towards the barge which I may add was very comfortable, a photographer takes a family photo at the barge and then of each family member as they step onto the barge, it was a memorable family time together we add. The tour guide gave us information about the sights we were seeing and told everyone some interesting stories. If you ever want to to see and learn as much about Holland in the shortest time possible then a barge ride on the canal is the way to go.

The barge ride was very relaxing, as we moved along the canal we could see the characteristic, tall slim houses of  Holland, some were wider than others and one stood out quite clearly as very slim, especially since each had specific colours-in fact it is  this row of houses  that stand out  because of their  colour and the tall slimmer one especially more so as it seems like it is squashed between all the rest  and  mark its place  along with the other houses as a landmark of Amsterdam- they all look quaint together.

Even more beautiful, along side the canal were house barges… what a  beautiful sight! These were quite colourful and bright and had such beautiful, potted  flowers all along the edges of them, some had chairs on the deck and the owners obviously felt at home on them.  The flowers on the barge  are another characteristic of Holland. They certainly are blessed to have a carpet of flowers over their land.  Amsterdam, is all about little  bridges, colourful clock of canal side buildings, barge houses, lots and lots of flowers, canal barge rides, and even people on bicycles.

Many people ride bicycles there for obvious reasons, quick  and easier access over the bridges but not only that, it is healthier, probably saves on a lot of pollution otherwise, and most of it, they get to enjoy the fresh air and scenery at a slower pace.

We walked to the canal from the the hotel where we stayed there, and walked down a little street of shops and cafes, we only went into one shop and that was to see traditional Holland souvenirs and I got to see some beautiful clogs.. probably would have bought some if they were so heavy for case. When I held one, I was wondering how people carry them on their feet even haha but it is so nice to experience the cultures of people around the world, yes indeed.

Ha! Off now, near the end of my tea break!!



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