A Gift from Thailand….

These cups were a gift from Thailand…I really like these a lot and have yet to actually use them. The facts that the cups have a cover is really great! Good for stopping those diving flies! I hate it when I have made a nice cup of tea and I just sat down only to have a fly dived right into it!! So, for sure cups with covers are handy  indeed!

I just love the intricate designs and colours on these cups.. they make a great gift, so  these are appreciated. I even love the gift box within which the set came.  The box itself  has delicate drawings depicting a beautiful culture .  We can learn a lot just by looking at all these cups!!  Something like  a visual library of info. to enjoy while sipping your tea-each cup taking you on a journey for a few seconds. Each  having a story to tell!


Teacups from Thailand…


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