My “I keep hitting ESCAPE but I am still here” Cup.

Now this cup I like hehe, when having a tiring or stressful day you sometimes want to press an escape button in life! This cup could mean let me sit quietly and have a quiet moment away from an exhausting day I have just had…… or even one I am having.

Sometimes, you don’t even find the time to write or type if away from your desk computer but having a small note book or even a Mini iPad, can offer you the opportunity to write an inspirational thought or even several lines of a poem in a few seconds.

I always keep a small notebook and pen in my handbag, there will always be something special in putting pen to paper! You not only personalized what you write, you can design the strokes of each letter the way you want, you feel the flow of words more effectively and of course you don’t have the ever annoying battery meter flashing at you – also, note books are not as heavy as gadgets to carry around.

Having said that though, if you have lost your paper work or if it was damaged by water, then it’s gone forever! That’s where the advantage of technology lies, it saves it for you and you have many options how you save your writings, what’s more, you can add pictures and your pictures are saved too. So, thus, I take advantage of using both.

Well, my escape moments are over for now. …..back to work in my home!


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