When I went to London all I got was this Lousy mug!


Well this cup may be lousy but it says a lot and has a story behind it too. I remember when hubby and I along with our son, went to London, UK for treatment. While there and during the little spare time we had, we would do our best to buy as many gifts for family and friends.

Now, hubby doesn’t have much patience for shopping unless he is either buying tools in a store he loves or buying clothes for himself. Buying and choosing gifts is not easy anyway for anyone, so for him in some way he had to make it fun! The cup above is an example haha.

I didn’t see it when he bought it but saw the things he bought as he unwrapped them at our apartment in London, my son and I had to laugh and thought the gifts were just fun and great, and would suit those who would receive them! What is funny is he bought another mug like it except that one had written on it : “All my dad bought me was this lousy cup”. The boys use these cups for their tea-their dad too! So, each cup/mug on my kitchen shelf has a little story behind them!


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