‘I’m A Little Teapot’ Cup


I really love this teacup! It has very nice, delicate illustrations, lovely various tones of blue colours and the ever famous line of the “I’m a little teapot” poem written on it. When I saw it at our local department store, it caught my eyes immediately and within seconds it was in my shopping cart! I thought it would, also, be a very nice additional cup for my kitchen shelf. It is not too big a mug and not too small- it makes a perfect size cup of tea!

The memories of the well beloved ‘ I’m a little teapot’ verse could go way back to my childhood years-or presently-where I still sing this little poem/ song to my grand toddlers. I wonder though if it is still appreciated as much as it was in its early days? Yes, we still sing along with it when it is heard in kids programs on TV, but I really don’t think kids of today’s world are into such sweet songs as much as past generations… Huh? ‘Past generations…’ That makes me sound really old, doesn’t !!?? Haha! Hmm…Okay, let’s get back on track!

For me, I remember most songs we sang at school as a toddler and ‘I’m a little teapot’ was one of them. It was all thanks to a great music teacher we had back then. She had this great, beautiful, striking, black piano which she played as she sang so enthusiastically with us while nodding her blond curly head of hair side to side-to be honest, she would have put the best of piano players to shame!

She would work very hard to have her piano brought into the hall and each class would gather around her-it had to be her own piano. We sat legs folded on the floor. Everyone of her classes loved being with her during her ‘lessons’, they were always fun.

She was very good at her work, well obviously she must have been for I still remember her and us gathering around her. I think I liked her more as she always knew my favorite songs and she had many songs that made us kids feel lively.

As we sat around her, I sometimes drifted into thoughts and kept thinking how she must have polished her piano every day as it was so glossy and shiny. I just remember that she cared a lot for that piano, I could tell. She had several people carry it into the hall, it was always spotless and shiny, plus, she always talked about her piano and other teachers would talk with her about it. Looking back, I think it must have been a classic piece-definitely, something cherished!

It was the real thing, no distractions or thoughts running to videos games, ipods, mobile phones, or any other gadget of the sort. Today, it is a gadget futuristic world, but no-one misses out, each generation has its time whatever it was/or is/ or will be as we move forward.

Still, I think being more active outdoors and playing all kinds of healthy activities, filled our time more in the past than today. We managed to experience that, and now taste the world of gadgets.. not that I don’t like them-but my body prefers to be moving about!!

Well, exactly my cue to stop for now, back to doing some more work!


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