My ‘Tea Helps You to Keep Calm’ cup!


This teacup reminds me to stay calm, when I saw it on my teacup shelf, I was like ‘Ah! This is the cup I need today’. The week has been stressful and very busy but the busy part I don’t mind as often I tend to get engrossed in things around the house I love to do!

I read under guidelines for writing posts somewhere that you shouldn’t really state that you haven’t been posting much lately– ah! But when you want to post but don’t find the ‘me’ time as usual you like to explain why at least, why not, I say.

The tv has been taken over these days by the male members of the family, you can guess why too! The World Cup!! Okay, no worries keeps them occupied while I get things done hehe! There is a football schedule on the tv cabinet too and food is taken from the family dining table to the coffee tables infront of TV! I am sure hundreds of homes are going through the same thing but you know a change in the regular routine of things is a good thing and as long as everyone is happy I am happy too!

I have been out to the garden nursery in our locality. I bought several beautiful pots of flowers and soil. They now look so beautiful in our garden. This trip to the garden nursery was a spontaneous one, I needed to get out after a tiring day so  as my cup states ‘keep calm’ that is exactly what I managed to do! What a beautiful sight seeing all those yellow, red and multi-colour end flowers, now that instilled a calming moment for this busy woman!

For the mountaineer it would be seeing the vast array of flowers on a mountain top-a to die for view everlasting in the memory, for the office worker probably a flower pot or two on their desk would be their reminder of nature outside, for people at cafés it would be the surrounding plant pots on a terrace, for some and me too our wonderful gardens.

I have been on mountains and I have seen some really beautiful sights from little flowers growing in crevices to goats running everywhere!  There were also hidden waterfalls and warm, water springs tucked away deeply where people would bathe in the warm waters.

I have been to valleys and winding roads that seem to go on forever and who cared if they did, at every turn there was something beautiful to see and then somewhere all of a sudden you take a turn to be awestruck by the shimmering ocean and beaches that seem to come out of nowhere!  How so precious nature and I pray that people take care of this gift of nature.

Everyone will find their little area of calm somewhere in the world, wherever and whatever it may be enjoy and appreciate the moments, adore them and feel the calm come to you!

Have a good day all!




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