Turkish Coffee

Have you ever tried Turkish coffee? I have several times and if you really want to stay awake you office folk then well…. You know what to drink hehe!

Turkish coffee is made very much the same way as Arabian Gulf coffee only it is so much more thicker and thus, stronger in taste. The first small cup is difficult at first – even if you are a coffee drinker. Turkish coffee is a dark brown/black coffee (without milk) same as Arabian Gulf coffee known as “qahwa”.

It is served in small traditional or even modern cups-but smaller than your average teacup size. These days though you find all kinds of different cups within which Turkish coffee can be serve.

The first time, I tried it, it was served with a platter of cucumbers and tomatoes, which would be considered a platter of fruit for some Middle Eastern countries! To each his/her own customs though and it is always fascinating learning something new.

After I ate some cucumber, I was served some coffee and my first sip of it was that it was very strong and thick, indeed it is difficult to hold back your real impression in front of friends but somehow I think they knew haha! indeed I drank a little water afterwards just to get rid of the pasty taste from all the coffee, many people get use to it but I rather enjoy the “qahwa” which has a splendid taste especially after anything sweet! I will leave that for another blog entry though!

Turkish coffee looks something like a chocolate Cappachinno and even gives that same welcoming invitation to drink it but you have to have a strong taste for it. I already like other coffees but traditionally it is served without milk, cream or sugar. I have heard people actually put sugar in their coffee especially tourists but that wouldn’t be the true way to drink it. So, next time you are in Turkey or it closer  neighboring countries, try it and share your thoughts with us!




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