Theme Cups

I am sure many of you over the years of visiting different countries or different places within the country you live, you have at one time or another bought a cup or were even gifted one as a present. Some cups we may actually use to drink out of no matter how strange looking some maybe but if you are like me, some that are just too big like giant  mugs or are theme based one such as a Pink Panther or Minnie Mouse one, you may like to use them for holding stuff only.

I have a huge Minnie Mug in which I like to place pencils, pens and the like on my desk shelf..looks nice and has a purpose too.

My hubby has one which is like an elephant lol, it was a gift and it actually has an elephant trunk- he uses it to hold his eye glasses etc. . There is no way he will drink out of it! It is a good conversational piece too.

Ones that have University logos or specific sayings, make nice displays in a glass cabinet in the sitting room.

I still like to buy any (but it is not too often) that have quotes I like or with a design that sets it off from other cups-usually something that catches my eye!

There are some cups very creative out there like those  that have an insert to hold cookies-I have to admit if I found one like that, it will be something I will buy.

Hot Beverages around the World:

When you do use a cup for tea or a mug for coffee, you have so many choices of hot beverages from which to choose. Different types of tea, different type of coffee and other warm drink such as Horlicks,  hot Cocoa, and the list could go on.

In the UK you will find various tea brands such as Earl Grey, Breakfast Tea, regular teas brands such as Liptons, Typhoo Tea, Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips,  and Tetleys-these are some of the regular top tea brands then you have Earl Grey,  and Breakfast tea plus, loads more.

In the USA and the Middle East, Liptons  and Brookebond (not sure about Brookebond in the USA)  are very popular.  In the USA though you will be served iced tea with a wedge of lemon, quite a shock when you first ask for a cup of tea first time around and you get something that looks like Pepsi cola with ice lol. Indeed, though it is very popular as it hot Tang.. haven’t tried that one yet! We have cold tang with ice hehe* it is a funny world, isn’t it?

In the Middle East, you will find mint teas, absolutely refreshing, Karak tea which is a strong tea with lots of milk and some sugar, then you have ginger tea-good for the health-tried both! Quite nice!  Karak tea is serve anywhere in cafeterias and restaurants in homes, even cafeteria make Karak tea for on the go. You have tea made so many delicious way there, that if you are a chef , it is definitely the place where you want to be to enrich your skills.

There are so many types of coffees too, the regular black or white ones, Cappuccinos and Espressos   which I haven’t tried to be honest, but when I see them I am tempted.

Well what’s your favourite beverage? 🙂








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