Simple Projects to do while Drinking Some Hot Tea……

They say, never start a post with saying “it’s been a while since I have posted…” well, in all honesty it has been, NOT because I don’t have anything to post or write about and not because I don’t feel like it either… it is just that my time is already full with other writing (actual pen to paper) writing, having so many home tasks and responsibilities to do and even had a long while recovering time from a broken left arm and that was so awful .

So, I have for sure NOT ran out of topics…indeed, I probably have great things to write about- but all in due course.

As you probably know from my two WordPress blogs, one is about organizing ourselves with various emergency kits etc. and this one is more a fun, relaxing one about everyday stuff, and things I like to do around my home. Some of major or small projects I do, too and thus, a cup of tea, is besides me when I do these small projects on the table.

Right now even as I tip tap I have a cup of tea ☕️ of course, with milk! Wherever, you are in the world- whether sitting  in a kitchen nook in your home, on the bus or in the car, in a train or even in a field somewhere, I hope you are enjoying your tea/ coffee too : )

Today, I am going to share with you some fabulous ideas of mine *pats self on the back* …. since I have found these really very useful indeed-for me, anyway-but I am sure you will find them just as useful too.

Now, I really started off using a small size, transparent tool box which are quite pretty, I used the first one to organized all the batteries I store for when needed. I also label and categorize the sizes within the box too. This is ready for anyone in family who needs a battery either for tv remote, flash lights, clocks, and even toys. So, it saves a lot of individual shopping trips if you think about it, thus, save on petrol or gas money for the cars. So, you are also helping the environment!!

Then, over time….. I used them for other things such as portable manicure & pedicure items and lots of other stuff. The reason I use these ones from tool store or even your local department store, is that they are heavy duty-tougher than the smaller square like ones found in organizer sections, and this makes them last longer and more durable. Plus, they look better.

I bought one for pedicure items and creams and one for manicure items etc. . As firstly, they fit into any drawer in your room side by side, and secondly. They are portable with handles that can be pressed down to place in drawers.

There are many times when we don’t want to just manicure in one place, we want to sit with family or friends etc. or watch tv, and instead of gathering all the individual items and trying to carry them all at once, you already have them neatly arranged within the carry box, ready to grab and go, their size too makes it easier for travel as well.

The project part comes in when you want to ‘customize’ them! Now, it is time to have that cup of tea near by! To keep you going : ) .

The good thing about the transparent box is that you can see what’s inside and decorate the box yourself with any theme you like and then label its purpose ” Manicure” or ” My Manicure Center” you get the idea!

The fun part is using decorative elements to design your box. I used adhesive sequins on mine and then added the labels on each. You could even prints out decorative fonts to label your box and use wide cello-tape to waterproof it. These are some of the best things I have done and the tool boxes can be used for anything in your home.

My latest project is turning one into a tiny portable note book ‘office’ I take this around with me when in kitchen or just near coffee table to do some quick notes is ready to grab and go!!

This one I decorated with some adhesive leaves ( as I now have to restock on some decorative stuff from stationary) but will change them to something else later. I labeled it ” Mobile Writing Items” .

In this container, I have various coloured pens in a very slim pencil case, a pencil, a small ruler, stick it notes for shopping lists, quick note writing of appointments or tasks ( these are put in diary on phone or main appointment book at my desk later) or whatever needs to be noted at the spur of the moment.

I have a new address book which I am working on whenever I find time, and a small change purse ( comes in handy instead of running upstairs to room for my bag). The tool box is really handy and designed well to fit quite a bit of stuff, plus when you open it up, it stays open and you can stick little photos on the inside of the lid. I have fun with these simple projects!

I plan to turn one into a make up station as they are just so handy to have. You can use them for your mobiles, memory cards, headsets -to have in one place rather than scattered here and there.

I will post some pics for you all too see, if you want ideas for other things please ask and will do my best!

This is exactly what I have, you can find them with a touch of blue too but mine is a little longer and slimmer, be sure what is good for your drawers etc. if you plan to put it in drawer. If on shelf it won’t matter.

Here is the latest one but this will be redone as temporary until I buy more appropriate decorative elements:

Well, that’s all from me today … will post more pics. of other ideas I did later!


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