Theme Cups

I am sure many of you over the years of visiting different countries or different places within the country you live, you have at one time or another bought a cup or were even gifted one as a present. Some cups we may actually use to drink out of no matter how strange looking some maybe but if you are like me, some that are just too big like giant  mugs or are theme based one such as a Pink Panther or Minnie Mouse one, you may like to use them for holding stuff only.

I have a huge Minnie Mug in which I like to place pencils, pens and the like on my desk shelf..looks nice and has a purpose too.

My hubby has one which is like an elephant lol, it was a gift and it actually has an elephant trunk- he uses it to hold his eye glasses etc. . There is no way he will drink out of it! It is a good conversational piece too.

Ones that have University logos or specific sayings, make nice displays in a glass cabinet in the sitting room.

I still like to buy any (but it is not too often) that have quotes I like or with a design that sets it off from other cups-usually something that catches my eye!

There are some cups very creative out there like those  that have an insert to hold cookies-I have to admit if I found one like that, it will be something I will buy.

Hot Beverages around the World:

When you do use a cup for tea or a mug for coffee, you have so many choices of hot beverages from which to choose. Different types of tea, different type of coffee and other warm drink such as Horlicks,  hot Cocoa, and the list could go on.

In the UK you will find various tea brands such as Earl Grey, Breakfast Tea, regular teas brands such as Liptons, Typhoo Tea, Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips,  and Tetleys-these are some of the regular top tea brands then you have Earl Grey,  and Breakfast tea plus, loads more.

In the USA and the Middle East, Liptons  and Brookebond (not sure about Brookebond in the USA)  are very popular.  In the USA though you will be served iced tea with a wedge of lemon, quite a shock when you first ask for a cup of tea first time around and you get something that looks like Pepsi cola with ice lol. Indeed, though it is very popular as it hot Tang.. haven’t tried that one yet! We have cold tang with ice hehe* it is a funny world, isn’t it?

In the Middle East, you will find mint teas, absolutely refreshing, Karak tea which is a strong tea with lots of milk and some sugar, then you have ginger tea-good for the health-tried both! Quite nice!  Karak tea is serve anywhere in cafeterias and restaurants in homes, even cafeteria make Karak tea for on the go. You have tea made so many delicious way there, that if you are a chef , it is definitely the place where you want to be to enrich your skills.

There are so many types of coffees too, the regular black or white ones, Cappuccinos and Espressos   which I haven’t tried to be honest, but when I see them I am tempted.

Well what’s your favourite beverage? 🙂







Turkish Coffee

Have you ever tried Turkish coffee? I have several times and if you really want to stay awake you office folk then well…. You know what to drink hehe!

Turkish coffee is made very much the same way as Arabian Gulf coffee only it is so much more thicker and thus, stronger in taste. The first small cup is difficult at first – even if you are a coffee drinker. Turkish coffee is a dark brown/black coffee (without milk) same as Arabian Gulf coffee known as “qahwa”.

It is served in small traditional or even modern cups-but smaller than your average teacup size. These days though you find all kinds of different cups within which Turkish coffee can be serve.

The first time, I tried it, it was served with a platter of cucumbers and tomatoes, which would be considered a platter of fruit for some Middle Eastern countries! To each his/her own customs though and it is always fascinating learning something new.

After I ate some cucumber, I was served some coffee and my first sip of it was that it was very strong and thick, indeed it is difficult to hold back your real impression in front of friends but somehow I think they knew haha! indeed I drank a little water afterwards just to get rid of the pasty taste from all the coffee, many people get use to it but I rather enjoy the “qahwa” which has a splendid taste especially after anything sweet! I will leave that for another blog entry though!

Turkish coffee looks something like a chocolate Cappachinno and even gives that same welcoming invitation to drink it but you have to have a strong taste for it. I already like other coffees but traditionally it is served without milk, cream or sugar. I have heard people actually put sugar in their coffee especially tourists but that wouldn’t be the true way to drink it. So, next time you are in Turkey or it closer  neighboring countries, try it and share your thoughts with us!



My ‘Tea Helps You to Keep Calm’ cup!


This teacup reminds me to stay calm, when I saw it on my teacup shelf, I was like ‘Ah! This is the cup I need today’. The week has been stressful and very busy but the busy part I don’t mind as often I tend to get engrossed in things around the house I love to do!

I read under guidelines for writing posts somewhere that you shouldn’t really state that you haven’t been posting much lately– ah! But when you want to post but don’t find the ‘me’ time as usual you like to explain why at least, why not, I say.

The tv has been taken over these days by the male members of the family, you can guess why too! The World Cup!! Okay, no worries keeps them occupied while I get things done hehe! There is a football schedule on the tv cabinet too and food is taken from the family dining table to the coffee tables infront of TV! I am sure hundreds of homes are going through the same thing but you know a change in the regular routine of things is a good thing and as long as everyone is happy I am happy too!

I have been out to the garden nursery in our locality. I bought several beautiful pots of flowers and soil. They now look so beautiful in our garden. This trip to the garden nursery was a spontaneous one, I needed to get out after a tiring day so  as my cup states ‘keep calm’ that is exactly what I managed to do! What a beautiful sight seeing all those yellow, red and multi-colour end flowers, now that instilled a calming moment for this busy woman!

For the mountaineer it would be seeing the vast array of flowers on a mountain top-a to die for view everlasting in the memory, for the office worker probably a flower pot or two on their desk would be their reminder of nature outside, for people at cafés it would be the surrounding plant pots on a terrace, for some and me too our wonderful gardens.

I have been on mountains and I have seen some really beautiful sights from little flowers growing in crevices to goats running everywhere!  There were also hidden waterfalls and warm, water springs tucked away deeply where people would bathe in the warm waters.

I have been to valleys and winding roads that seem to go on forever and who cared if they did, at every turn there was something beautiful to see and then somewhere all of a sudden you take a turn to be awestruck by the shimmering ocean and beaches that seem to come out of nowhere!  How so precious nature and I pray that people take care of this gift of nature.

Everyone will find their little area of calm somewhere in the world, wherever and whatever it may be enjoy and appreciate the moments, adore them and feel the calm come to you!

Have a good day all!



There is Nothing Nicer Than A Cup of Tea…..or Coffee

I can’t start my day or any huge task ahead of me without a cup of tea….I can’t relax without my cup of tea….indeed, my cup of tea is needed through out the day so I can effectively and happily get through any task set in front of me for that day. Even at the end of the day, it comforts me and warms my soul. I love my tea…who doesn’t?

I like to to sit in our small sitting area upstairs which is near a beautiful large window – similar to a bay window – the sun shines through-it is like a reading nook and it is very relaxing to sit there, especially so, when we want to read our newspapers, magazines or even write and tip tap away like I am now. Thus, sometimes I write there with my  cup of tea nearby on coffee on table in front of us. It is a favourite spot for my hubby and I.

I have mugs for tea and mugs for coffee, I also have small proper tea-cups for just the average size cup of tea. It depends on how much time I have to sit. The more time I have, the bigger the mug!

Over the years I have gathered a collection of various cups given either as gifts from family members, or ones that I bought myself and others that have come as beautiful sets for my guests.

Each cup or even a set of glasses, have a story to be told, indeed, if you look at your mug or cup right this moment whether at home, at the desk in your office, in a tent in the desert, or even atop a mountain, on a yacht, or in the Antarctica- from the view you have, your story will certainly be something to hear. Your mug is probably more closer to you than anyone you know and if it could talk ohhhh!! how the stories would flow!

Looking at my mug right now, I bought this one for my coffee so yes, I have a milky cup of coffee nearby and this is one of my favorite mugs for that. I immediately liked the color and the squarish shape of this mug, thus, what made me buy it. If I see any I like for me or something I think my family will love, I will buy them.

Before, we used to have a set of similar mugs, same colour, shape and size-then I thought how boring they looked on the shelf-I changed that when I started getting gifts of different mugs-and realized how the different shapes, themes, colours of the mugs brightened up my kitchen shelf, it became lively, and I felt I was looking at a library of mugs instead!

Well, guess this coffee mug of mine succeeded in ‘talking’ today hehe, plus, it is cozy having a nice warm drink so it is comforting too! Look at your mug right now and you are sure to visualize the story behind it, around it where you sit..what is it saying to you? Have a good day all- my coffee is finished, time to put this mug back on the shelf!