There is Nothing Nicer Than A Cup of Tea…..or Coffee

I can’t start my day or any huge task ahead of me without a cup of tea….I can’t relax without my cup of tea….indeed, my cup of tea is needed through out the day so I can effectively and happily get through any task set in front of me for that day. Even at the end of the day, it comforts me and warms my soul. I love my tea…who doesn’t?

I like to to sit in our small sitting area upstairs which is near a beautiful large window – similar to a bay window – the sun shines through-it is like a reading nook and it is very relaxing to sit there, especially so, when we want to read our newspapers, magazines or even write and tip tap away like I am now. Thus, sometimes I write there with my  cup of tea nearby on coffee on table in front of us. It is a favourite spot for my hubby and I.

I have mugs for tea and mugs for coffee, I also have small proper tea-cups for just the average size cup of tea. It depends on how much time I have to sit. The more time I have, the bigger the mug!

Over the years I have gathered a collection of various cups given either as gifts from family members, or ones that I bought myself and others that have come as beautiful sets for my guests.

Each cup or even a set of glasses, have a story to be told, indeed, if you look at your mug or cup right this moment whether at home, at the desk in your office, in a tent in the desert, or even atop a mountain, on a yacht, or in the Antarctica- from the view you have, your story will certainly be something to hear. Your mug is probably more closer to you than anyone you know and if it could talk ohhhh!! how the stories would flow!

Looking at my mug right now, I bought this one for my coffee so yes, I have a milky cup of coffee nearby and this is one of my favorite mugs for that. I immediately liked the color and the squarish shape of this mug, thus, what made me buy it. If I see any I like for me or something I think my family will love, I will buy them.

Before, we used to have a set of similar mugs, same colour, shape and size-then I thought how boring they looked on the shelf-I changed that when I started getting gifts of different mugs-and realized how the different shapes, themes, colours of the mugs brightened up my kitchen shelf, it became lively, and I felt I was looking at a library of mugs instead!

Well, guess this coffee mug of mine succeeded in ‘talking’ today hehe, plus, it is cozy having a nice warm drink so it is comforting too! Look at your mug right now and you are sure to visualize the story behind it, around it where you sit..what is it saying to you? Have a good day all- my coffee is finished, time to put this mug back on the shelf!